A return to the Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

I am excited about teaching the class and talking with fellow anglers.

A note to my readers, the fish in the photo was killed and grilled.
On Saturday, March 9, I return to the Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo to teach my kayak fly fishing class. The sport continues to grow and interest is higher this year than when I offered the class in 2016.

The class is an introduction to kayak fishing as well as focusing on fly fishing. At my classes and seminars, I always discover anglers who have kayaks but are not using them for fly fishing. This is primarily because the kayaks are typically small sit-in recreation kayaks that the anglers feel aren't stable enough to fly fish in.

The stability issue is the primary reason many kayaks end up on the side of the garage unused or rarely used. What I often tell those attending my seminars is to either think about getting a different kayak or use their kayak more often and become comfortable in it.  

In many cases, kayaks that are at least 10 feet long and manufactured by reputable companies like Hobie, Native, Wilderness Systems, Perception, Ocean Kayak, Old Town, etc., are built well and quite stable for fishing. 

Of course, anglers need to be aware of their surroundings when kayaking and realize they can flip a kayak. In many cases, it's like anything else, the more you practice, the more confident you become. 

It is also important to have the right tools. I remind anglers that they should use the same philosophy in purchasing a kayak as purchasing a rod reel. In fact, many have spent more on a spare rod, reel and line than on their kayak. And the kayak will likely last longer and get used more often.

Those anglers who are fly fishing in kayaks are discovering new opportunities and a sport that is rewarding, challenging and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. 

I look forward to sharing my passion with fellow anglers on Saturday, and I hope to spend a few hours fishing after the class...

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