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One season comes to a close and another one opens

October marks the end of the Columbia salmon season at the fish move east of The Dalles and out of my kayak range. On the first weekend of October, I enjoyed a great kayak on a windless cloudy day, but the people catching fish had bait on the end of their lines.  The day did give me the opportunity to check out my new outfit - an 8-foot 12 weight with 300 yards of 30-pound Amnesia running line and 30-feet of Rio T17 as my shooting head. Of course, this is all loaded on one of my 1498 USA-made Pflueger reel. My goal - sturgeon on a fly rod.  My first run with the outfit was rewarded with a fish - a Northern Pike minow. But it was a fish. I also got my fly caught on the bottom of the river at 30-plus feet. That's good news since my goal is to fish the deeper holes. Check out the video. And notice the fishing glove by Waterworks/Lamson . The glove is critical when working with running line.