2021 Fishing Season Salmon No. 5 and 6

Welcome back to the 2021 kayak fishing season recap. 

It's now the waning of summer and Mark and I focused our efforts on the Columbia as the Fall King season gets underway. We are still close enough to home that I have time to fish a couple hours before work, keeping our carbon footprint low and putting extra hours on the water.

Salmon No. 5 - After July, the action moved from the Willamette River to the Columbia River. I caught a nice jack king during an early trip and tagged No. 5 on a trip before work on August 23. We were still using spinners and Pro Trolls but we can only fish one rod in the Columbia. The video features a look at the jack first and finishes with the big fall king. 

Salmon No. 6 - Number 6 was caught on another trip before work and it was the biggest of the season at that point. My trips before work start in the dark and last about 2 hours before I need to be at the shop by 9 a.m. I have a little wiggle room with the 9 a.m. start, but this year I made it to work with fish in hand by 9 every trip I caught a fish. Luckily there are a couple ice machines nearby which helped keep the fish fresh before I could get home and fillet it. Check out number 6. 

Go Farther. Catch More. Look for more updates soon!


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