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The Sturgeon

When I tell people I fish for sturgeon from my kayak, most say I'm crazy, but everyone asks if I get towed around when I catch a fish. My standard reply is "most sturgeon are not big enough to tow me around." A recent trip changed that reply. The day was planned and I was going to shoot some footage for the blog and work on my kayak fly fishing research. I also wanted to test the new anchor system I found on the Northwest Kayak Anglers web site. I picked up some shrimp, and loaded the equipment onto my Ford Escape and headed to the river. I had my fly rod, as well as the bait rod, the scent and other items I needed to do some tests. I paddled to a location I had caught fish before and tossed the anchor and, with the new anchor system, the rope bag and a float. I would soon be thankful I had this system. I tried bait first in 60 feet of water under the boat. Nothing. Then the anchor slipped and I found myself 30 feet downstream before I could get it set again. I tossed th