Back on the water

So far this winter has set records for warm temps and little snow in the Oregon Cascades. Drought is not in the picture so far since there has been no shortage of moisture. However, instead of snow, we have seen a lot of rain and rivers that flow high and muddy or low and clear.

Monty, a new kayaker, joined me on a couple trips this winter. the first on the Willamette during one one of the high and muddy flows. The second on the lower Sandy River during a break between the rains.

Both were learning experiences. The Willamette provided me a chance to secure two boats on one anchor. I chose this idea because anchoring a kayak in a big, cold river in winter is one of the most dangerous parts of kayak fishing. Since Monty was a rookie kayak angler, I wanted to be as safe as possible which meant anchoring my kayak and then having him bring his kayak alongside mine and lashing onto it.

The idea proved effective, although it took a couple tries to get the anchor to stick. When it finally did, we were able to relax and enjoy a couple hours of fishing. On this trip, sturgeon was the goal and we brought a couple to the boat.

The second trip provided Monty the opportunity to use the Pro Angler 12 in a slow steelhead river. An accomplished steelhead angler from southern Oregon, Monty has great fishing and boating skills and was soon comfortable moving around the river in the kayak. I had outfitted both the PA 14 and the 12 with drift boat style anchor setups and before long we were anchoring up in the river swinging flies and floating bobbers (Monty isn't a fly angler yet).

I fished a couple drifts standing up and spey casting. About half way through the trip, I learned how to drift slowly through the holes using an indicator and weighted fly. I did this by turning the Mirage drive around and using the drive in reverse. The system proved very effective and I am anxious to get out again and master the process.

Check out the Willamette video from my YouTube channel and featured in this post. I am still working on the Sandy video.

Until then, keep trying new things on the yaks.

Go Farther, Catch More.


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