Yes you can spey cast on a Hobie Pro Angler

Sunshine and the threat of drought do not make an ideal winter day in the Pacific Northwest. But, it was all we had to work with on my latest kayak adventure. The trip was slated for a Sunday in mid January and the clear skies and lack of rain had the Clackamas River running at summer levels in both volume and clarity.

Michael Rischer and I pushed our Hobie Pro Anglers into the clear water and headed downstream in search of winter steelhead. My goal was to see how well the kayak handled in the river and see if I could accomplish my next major goal - spey casting from a kayak.

The first riffle was simple and fast and after floating through a calm stretch at the end of the riffle, we headed into a more complicated chute that caused anxiety in the approach and endorphins at the exit. It may not have been major whitewater, but it did prove the PA could handle some rough water. The next couple river miles proved fairly easy and fun and the PA continued to prove its stability and comfort.

After fishing several stretches I arrived at a long run where I slowed the kayak, dropped the 10 pound pyramid anchor and settled on the edge of a five-foot deep slot. After putting up the Hobie H-bar, I stood up with the 12-foot 7 weight spey rod and started throwing the 550 grain Skagit head and sink tip.

I fell into an easy rhythm and was able to cast so the fly could swing through the run. The fly looked good, the swing looked good, and the water looked good. But not good enough and I was rewarded with no hits or bumps. I worked down the run alternating between resetting the anchor and adjusting the length of my cast. About half way through, Michael pulled in and I had him shoot some video from the shore to offer a better perspective on the spey casting.

I finished the run and it was time to head back to the ramp. We drifted over more great runs and holes but saw no fish in the gin clear water. At one point, the thin water caused me to run aground while Michael threaded a narrow slot perfectly.

The trip proved unproductive for winter steelhead but I am looking forward to coming back for winters when the rain returns and for summer steelhead when the water warms up. Unless the weather changes, I may be fishing for summers earlier than I anticipated.


Unknown said…
Hobie look good in the river. Would you shy away from buying one for mostly river fishing

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