In the heart of summer

The spring fishing season started with a surprising successful trip to Hagg lake on opening day. The surprise was finding a pod large of rainbows on Scoggins Creek arm. The Hobie proved its worth that day easily pedaling from the Sain Creek arm which had frustrated me that morning.
     The following weekend wasn't nearly as successful but I did land another big stocker. During the next couple months, trips to Harriet Lake, Benson Lake, Willamette River, Tillamook Bay, Deschutes River, Columbia River and Swift Reservoir were all mixed with some days outstanding while others a total bust. The trips are all recorded on my YouTube channel.     
      The weekend before 4th of July was the highlight of my summer so far when my son, Sam, and I joined friends of Western Rivers Conservancy on a four day float trip down the John Day River. The canyon was stunning and the guiding and support from Little Creek Outfitters made it a trip that will likely be a lifetime memory for my son. I posted three videos to my YouTube channel so you can check out the canyon and the plentiful smallmouth bass. I didn't do any kayaking that trip, but I certainly look forward to returning and giving it a run in some plastic and looking for steelhead.
     I haven't done much work on the kayaks this summer since they are nearly set up with every modification want. I did pickup a Hobie Sport at a great price and need to do a little work on the anchor setup. My wife enjoys kayaking in the Hobies because it's easier on her shoulders. Of course being a cyclists, I think she prefers using her feet for propulsion.
       The biggest challenge is getting all three kayaks on the Ford Escape. I am able to do it and will post a video soon. I also plan on doing some follow-up videos on the modifications I have found work well for fly fishing from the Hobie.
     There are more adventures coming this summer and expect more posts and videos soon.


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